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Alshyoukhy Contracting & Concrete Solutions  Design needs to consider the properties of the ground (soil/rock) and the impact infrastructure will have on the surface and sub-surface. Having carried out specialist Civil & Geotechnical Engineering, projects, we are experienced specialists in providing geotechnical engineering design services for infrastructure projects, property developments, and dams/tunnels construction. 


We use a range of analytical techniques to identify the specific geotechnical design requirements and specifications needed for construction activities. Advanced numerical techniques such as finite element analysis and boundary element analysis are followed up by methods that check and verify our analyses to provide accurate and reliable data to our clients. Where needed, we develop new methods or modify existing analytical methods to improve the quality of the solutions we develop for our clients.


Some of the areas we specialize in include: 



Geotechnical Site Investigation 


Planning and implementing in major projects concerning Foundations, Tunnels, Roads & Railways, Underground Works & Dams, etc.

Foundation Engineering


Analysis and Design of Specific & Complicated Foundation Systems.

Deep Earth Retention Systems & Slope Stability Analysis & Stabilisation


Deep Anchored Piled Retaining Walls & Systems (Analysis, Design, Detailing).

Design, Construction, and Supervision of Soil and Rock slopes and excavations. Slope stability analyses problems and Earth Retaining structures. Slope Stabilization techniques.

Geotechnical Ground Improvement


Design of Ground Improvement techniques.

Soil Stabilization Techniques and Ground Properties Improvement – cement, lime, chemical grouting, etc. Jet Grouting Piles Design, Gravel Piles design, Preloading, Vibro Displacement, Dynamic Compaction, Soil Stabilisation, Ground Remediation/Solidification, Earth Moving & Piling design.

Ground improvement for mitigating liquefaction-induced geotechnical hazards

Surface and Ground Water Services


Management and Protection of underground/surface water resources and the environment, using integrated Computerized Intelligent Engineering Systems. 

Geo and Structural Monitoring


Design of Geotechnical-Structural Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation.

QA-QC and Laboratory services


Suitability of Building Stones and Aggregates for Concrete - Railway Ballast & Skid Resistant Pavements.

Implementation of quality control procedures.

Laboratory testing on concrete, soils, and rocks and evaluation of their suitability as construction materials for various purposes.

Geoconsulting Engineering


General Geotechnical Engineering Consulting. Problem Solving, Support of Design, Management, and Contractor Engineering Teams.

Responsibility on Internal Training of Staff in Civil Engineering Projects.

Preparation of Technical Proposals and Method Statements.

Legal Geotechnical Consulting


Arbitrations and Expert Witness Reporting. Support of Law Firms on disputes and claims,  Foundation Surveys, Code, and Plan Reviews.

Furthermore, due to our commitment to novelty in Geotechnical Engineering, our early implementation and access to the scientific data obtained from academia as well as along with our strategic alliances, we can also provide more advanced services concerning:

Innovative Geotechnical Engineering Solutions


Implementation of New Geotechnical Structural Technologies, Foundation Ground / Structure Interaction Parameterised Analysis based on FEA, Non-Codified Systems.

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Design

Site Investigation (with emphasis on in situ testing), Shallow (Footings and Raftings) and Deep (Piles and Caissons) Foundations, Advanced Excavation Support Systems, Groundwater Control, Slope Stability, Soil Improvement (Compaction, Soil Reinforcement, etc.), Liquefaction/Lateral Spread and Construction Monitoring.